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Therapist believes there is a correlation between influx of Venezuelans and expiration of registration card

Traumatologist Haniff Benjamin

Traumatologist Haniff Benjamin believes there is a correlation between the influx of Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago and the expiration of the registration card.

The card allows the South Americans to stay in the country for 1 year.

Mr. Benjamin, who is also the Head of the Center for Human Development says the current situation, requires a sense of balance and compassion as the migrants are often traumatised.

The Clinical Therapist believes mental stress sets in when relatives are forced to leave home in search of a better life.

He said the perilous journey is what some are willing to face to reunite with loved ones.  

Mr. Benjamin admits it is a difficult situation as governments around the world try to balance the needs of their citizens against those of migrants who are seeking a better life.

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