I955 FM



    OFF AIR : 1-868-628-4955 (Front Desk)

    ON AIR : 1-868-622-3937 (Live On Air )


i 95.5 FM’s Vison and Mission.

Mission Statement

The mission of i 95.5 FM is to provide an alternative venue for indigenous expression, and to transform the cultural and intellectual landscape of Trinidad and Tobago by creating a more informed, involved, and invigorated public. We will accomplish these aims through innovative programming that is rooted in journalistic integrity and excellence, by hiring a cadre of creative and passionate professionals, and by being a responsible conduit for our listeners’ energies and opinions.

Vision Statement

i 95.5 FM is the indisputable leader in Caribbean media, and continues to develop novel and entertaining cultural and radio products. We remain dedicated to inspiring our staff and listeners, and to remaining a trust worthy and dependable resource for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Management Team