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More bodies from the tragic accident in Venezuela waters are found

National Security Minister Stuart Young

National Security Minister Stuart Young has confirmed that more bodies from the tragic accident in Venezuela waters have been found.

Minister Young yesterday said the bodies were found on the shoreline of Venezuela.

The Minister was at the time responding to a question from Opposition Senator Wade Mark.

Minister Young also said this incident has a criminal enterprise written all over it and stressed the borders in both countries are closed.

The drowned victims were attempting to flee their homeland and heading to Trinidad and Tobago.

Among the bodies recovered were an eleven-month-old baby and several adults.

And the body of an unidentified woman is found floating off the coast of Granville, Cedros.

Fishermen made the discovery yesterday.

Coast Guard officers retrieved the woman’s body and took it to the Cedros jetty.

Up to last evening there was no positive ID.

It is not yet known if this discovery is linked to the accident last weekend.

Minister Young also said his Ministry is ramping up efforts to restrict access to this country by illegal immigrants.

He told the Senate, sea patrols have been stepped up.

The Minister also said police patrols along the shorelines have been increased.

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