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UDECOTT issues packages linked to POS General Hospital redevelopment

The Urban Development Corporation issues the first of 7 packages linked to the redevelopment of the central block of the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Shanghai Construction by letter dated April 8th told the Urban Development Corporation that it had no choice but to pull out of the project.

The company cited the lockdown in Shanghai, issues related to its staff and logistical issues it faced procuring materials.

The contractor, in its letter, indicated that it would be best the government and UDECOTT find another contractor to complete the project.

As a result the Cabinet broke up the project into 7 contracts.

CEO of UDECOTT, Tamika Charles-Phillip confirmed yesterday that the first of the packages went out on Tuesday.

Mrs. Charles-Phillip also told Newscenter 5 this is a fast moving project and work would commence soon.

UDECOTT assured the project will be delivered within a timely period noting that it would also maximize local content, as it would provide greater opportunities for local contractors and generate employment.

The firm added that this approach was successfully implemented at the Red House restoration project and it was completed in record time and created hundreds of jobs.

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