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T&T express fails to return to the inter-island sea bridge as promised

EXPRESSTobagonians are again saying that they feel like prisoners on the island.


This as the T&T express fails to return to the inter-island sea bridge as promised.


At a meeting with members of the business community in Tobago last Wednesday, works and transport minister Rohan Sinanan and acting manager at the port authority Charmaine Lewis both promised that the express would be put back into service today.


However Newscentre 5 has learnt that the vessel is yet to return to service.


When contacted a short while ago, communications manager at the Trinidad & Tobago inter island transport corporation Vilma Lewis Cockburn said she was unable to shed any light on the matter at this time.


She promised to do so later in the day.


This latest development comes at the start of the final week of service by tobago’s lone cargo vessel, the Super-Fast Galicia before is taken off the route.


The T&T spirit remains the lone passenger vessel in service albeit under less than maximum capacity.


Chairman of the Tobago Chamber of Commerce Demijohn Cruickshank has promised to take action if minister Sinanan does not meet the 4:30pm deadline to find a solution to the ongoing cargo crisis.

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