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TSTT to reduce staff in the next 2 years

imagesTSTT says it is planning to reduce its staff by over 500 in the next two years.

The company explains that the employees will go via attrition, and the positions they leave behind will not be filled.

The representing Communication Workers Union is shocked by the information revealed by Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Carol David

Yesterday she said the company had to prepare for the reality of attrition in these times.

Ms. David said the pending departures have been discussed with the representing Communication Workers Union.

She said the union was not yet warmly accepting what is to come.

When contacted yesterday, president of the CWU, Clyde Elder said the company is obviously planning to violate the industrial agreement.

Mr. Elder said the company is playing games and the union will not allow it to go unchallenged.

And the closure of nine retail outlets is still not sitting well with the CWU.

On The Morning Show on i95.5fm yesterday, Chief Commercial Officer for TSTT, Miguel Garcia said the decision to shut down the outlets makes a lot of sense.

Executive VP Carol David also said economic considerations also led to the decision.

But the CWU’s Clyde Elder finds the justifications given by the TSTT officials to be weak and ill conceived.

He said the company is not talking about the workers who are not permanent and are likely to be affected by the closures.

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