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S.O.R.T is dismantled

Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob

The deaths of 2 suspects in police custody are linked to the dismantling of the Special Operations Unit of the police service.

Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob is quoted as saying, a firm executive decision was made to reorganise SORT due to the deaths of Andrew “Solo” Morris and Joel Belcon.

Mr. Morris and Mr. Belcon were deemed suspects in the kidnapping and death of 22-year-old court clerk Andrea Bharatt.

The court clerk disappeared on January 29th, 2021 and her body was found in the Heights of Aripo on February 4th of that year.

Both men died while in police custody after SORT arrested them on January 31st, 2021.

Commissioner Jacob admitted to TV6 news that the serious complaints connected to the deaths of the 2 suspects were a factor for the change.  

Commissioner Jacob said the decision to form the NOTF was to avoid neglecting the work that SORT was doing.

He added that the organisational structure of the police service was changed so that NOTF will not be directly under the office of the CoP as was the case with the SORT and other units during the police former’s tenure.

The new task force will fall under the existing Inter Agency Task Force Tactical Support Apparatus within the police service.

Executive oversight will be in the hands of Woman Assistant Commissioner of Police Jackman.

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