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Robert Sabga offers help as police gets set to probe the possible existence of a pedophile ring in this country

Robert Sabga

Robert Sabga says he is willing to cooperate with the police as they investigate the possible existence of a pedophile ring in Trinidad and Tobago.

Via his task force report 25 years ago, Mr. Sabga spoke of the ring, which he said then, consisted of high-ranking professionals.

While he is willing to talk with the police, he will not call names.

Earlier this week the Prime Minister called on the police to find the 1997 Sabga Report and follow its contents.

On i95.5fm yesterday Mr. Sabga said going after ghosts makes no sense.

Mr. Sabga also said one of the names he is aware of still holds office.

He said back in 1997 some unlicensed children’s’ homes were funded by government and some people were receiving kickbacks.

The Prime Minister has said the recently formed task force has been unable to find a copy of the Sabga Report.

But Mr. Sabga said forty copies of the report were handed over to then Social Development Minister Manohar Ramsarran, who shared them with the Basdeo Panday Cabinet.

Mr. Sabga said the Cabinet did act on the findings and the report was not buried as is being claimed.

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