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Prime Minister says a member of his cabinet is in COVID quarantine

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley

A member of the Dr. Keith Rowley’s Cabinet and family are now in quarantine, having been exposed to the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley last night gave no further details of the situation involving his unnamed Cabinet member.

Dr. Rowley was addressing a meeting of his Peoples National Movement in Diego Martin.

He spoke of the impact of the coronavirus on the world, and particularly the region.

Dr. Rowley again lamented the number of people yet to be vaccinated against the virus.

He said that number is upwards of 600,000.

Dr. Rowley again expressed disappointment with the vaccination numbers in Tobago, as well as some people who have been protesting and claiming oppression.

The Prime Minister insisted, his PNM is in charge of the country and will do whatever is necessary to save lives.

He said his meeting this week with CARICOM leaders was very revealing and troubling.

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