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Possible 2 week extension for submission of Property Tax documents

Unknown-15A possible two-week extension of the deadline for submission of Property Tax Valuation forms and other documents.


Finance Minister Colm Imbert says he will recommend an extension of the deadline when the Cabinet meets today.


He is looking at a new date of June 5th.


In a statement yesterday Minister Imbert said property owners are making the move due to the overwhelming response in the last few days.


But there have been images of long lines outside valuation offices in some parts of the country.


Some have complained of a confusing system of submission and there have been calls for a reconsideration of the deadline.


Government had given May 22nd as the deadline for submission of the forms, accompanied by as many of the 13 requested supporting documents—deeds, bills, 2009 property tax receipt—as home owners could supply.


Submission of the information is the first phase of government’s property tax exercise aimed at collecting some $500 million.


On the basis of the information and possible field visits later on, property rental values will be assessed and taxes will be formulated on the basis of this.

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