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Pollonais says she had no reason to believe bandits targeted her…CoP says plain clothed officers must produce ID

5b970426490f0.imageKidnap victim, Natalie Pollonais says she had no reason to believe she was being targetted by bandits who snatched her and demanded a 300,000 U.S. dollar ransome.


The Express Newspaper today quotes Mrs. Pollonais as describing the ordeal as traumatic.


She says she is grateful to be home.


She also tells the paper she received food and water twice per day and she was not harmed in any way .


Mrs. Pollonais reportedly says she prayed alot and hoped that she had the strength enkough to endure it so she could return home safely.


She is now appealing to members of the public to be more alert for criminals.


The 47-year-old Mrs. Pollonais was taken last Thursday but rescued by police on Monday.


Four people are now in police custody in connection with the kidnapping.


Among the four, two police officers from the southern division.


Meanwhile Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is getting support for his mandate to all plain clothed police officers.


Yesterday he said they must all produce police identification to members of the public while performing their duties.


His mandate comes after the detention of two officers linked to the investigation into the kidnapping of Mrs. Pollonais.


The Police Social and Welfare Association is giving support to the Commissioner’s move.


President of the association, Inspector Michael Seales said the Commissioner is right.


Inspector Seales said yesterday there are some new features on the IDs which must be noted.

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