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Police set up sting operation in Arima

Police-lights-4_13A police sting operation in Arima leaves one man wounded and another, facing charges of robbery.


The suspects were caught off guard following a robbery on the Blanchisseuse Road on Wednesday.


According to police, the victim was robbed of his cell phone early in the day.


A few hours later, the bandits called a relative’s phone, instructing the victim to bring $1,000 in exchange for the phone.


The victim then went to the Arima Police Station and reported the incident.


Officers told him to comply with the bandits and they would follow him to the meeting point.


The bandits met the victim at the corner of Hosein and Broadway Streets, Arima at about 4.15 pm.


During the meeting one of them tried to rob him of the cash at gunpoint.


Police officers, dressed in plain clothes intercepted the crime.


They ordered the bandits to stop but one chose to flee.


He was shot twice in the leg.


The wounded man was taken to the Arima Health Facility, where he remains warded under police guard.


Officers are questioning the other.


The duo, aged 17 and 20, are from Calvary Hill, Arima.

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