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Police investigate murders in Morvant and Champ Fleurs

Police are investigating the murders of 3 men in separate situations in Morvant and Champ Fleurs.

Two men identified by their aliases “Foxman” and “Beanhead” are among the victims.

Reports say that incident took place in Morvant at around 2 o’clock yesterday morning.

Residents told police they heard several explosions and went to investigate when they found the 2 men bleeding from gunshot wounds. 

And the man shot and killed in Champ Fleurs is identified as Aaron St. Louis.

Reports say the incident took place at Upper Mendez Drive around 8 o’clock Monday night.

Several explosions were heard in the area and the police were called.

Upon arrival they found the man bleeding from gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to hospital but died undergoing medical treatment.

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