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Police investigate death of Claxton Bay fisherman

Investigations underway into the death of Claxton Bay fisherman Deosaran Basdeo.

According to reports 57-year-old Mr. Basdeo, was gunned down while he slept on Wednesday night.

Police say Mr. Basdeo also known as blacks, was shot multiple times, and died at his house at Southern Main Road.

His wife and a 17-year-old grandson were said to be in an adjoining room, but were not harmed.

Police say at around 7.40pm a man wearing a mask and dark clothing entered the house and held up the wife and grandson at gunpoint.

The armed man robbed them of cash, jewelry, a tablet device and a cellphone.

He then walked into an adjoining room where Basdeo was asleep and shot him.

The killer ran through a door and escaped.

Officers of the Couva Police Station and Homicide Region III responded.

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