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Convicted murderer Marlon King to face a jury for a second time

The Court of Appeal orders Marlon King to be tried again for the murder of 4-year-old Amy Emily Annamunthodo.

In 2012 Mr. King was sentenced to death after he was found guilty of killing little Amy.

The child’s hair was tied to a doorframe before she was punched multiple times.

She suffered fatal internal injuries.

In the Court of Appeal yesterday, judges said it is in the public’s interest for Mr. King to be retried before a jury.

The judges said he should not be allowed to walk free because of errors in law by the presiding judge during the trial in the High Court.

Former president of the Republic, Anthony Carmona presided over the high court trial.

The judges yesterday said they have considered all the relevant factors and arguments in favor of and against the ordering of a retrial.

Justice Mark Mohammed said the retrial is to be case managed and heard expeditiously.

He said the process must begin no later than August 9th.

The killing of Amy 15 years ago shocked the country and sparked calls for justice.

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