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Police continue investigations into murder of Joseph Narine and shooting of pundit Shervon Narad

Police-lights-4_13Police are continuing their investigations into the murder of Joseph Narine, and the wounding of pundit Shervon Narad.

It is reported bandits went into the prayer room of a house at Hard Bargain, Williamsville on Tuesday evening and demanded money and jewelry.

They are said to have shot Mr. Narine in the head and chest.

It is believed Mr. Narine died instantly.

Pundit Narad has told police he tried to run and was shot in the abdomen.

Up to yesterday he was warded at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The incident occurred while pundit Narad was leading prayers at the house.

He said yesterday after he was shot he continued running and was fired upon by one of the men.

The pundit said he was able hide in some bushes until the bandits left the house and the area.

Having heard the explosions neighbours investigated and found pundit Narad.

He was taken to the Princes Town Health Center and then transferred to the San Fernando Hospital.

Later it was found that several rooms in the house were ransacked and the bandits left with a quantity of jewelry.

Mr. Narine has been described as a very religious man who regularly held prayer services at his home.

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