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JSC questions arrangements between Regional Corporations and Sub-Service Providers

e5a5ecefd2f760c1bb2b34f7989dacdd-1A Joint Select Committee questions the arrangements between Regional Corporations and Sub-Service Providers. 

Yesterday the JSC, responsible for local authorities heard from several corporation chairmen and women, administrative staff and the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government.

One of the issues addressed was the monopoly of contractors.

Deputy Permanent Secretary Raymond Seepaul explained the process for hiring new contractors.

However Committee Member, Esmonde Ford said this was only an ideal.

A passionate Mr. Ford said new contractors are being frustrated out of existence.

Further Mr. Forde encouraged Regional Chairmen to speak out.

However Deputy PS Seepaul attempted to rebut with assurances that the situation will be addressed

Several corporations agreed there is no issue with the procedure but the monopoly of contractors is a great cause of concern.

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