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Police charge a 37-year-old with double murder at sea

A Cedros fisherman slapped with a murder charge in connection with the deaths fishermen Parasram Boodoo and Navindra Garib.

The suspect is expected to appear virtually before a Couva Magistrate today.

The killings reportedly occurred sometime between July 19th and July 23rd.

The 37-year-old suspect of Fullerton Village was charged following advice received from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions yesterday.

Forty-two-year-old Mr. Boodoo, and 30-year-old Mr. Garib, both of Carli Bay, Couva, were reported missing at sea on Tuesday 20th July.

The men were last seen the day before, leaving the Carli Bay Fishing Depot in a white pirogue.

Mr. Boodoo’s body was found at sea off the Plipdeco Port, Point Lisas, last Wednesday, while Mr. Garib’s body was subsequently found on Friday at La Brea.

Officers of the Southwestern Division arrested the accused at his Cedros home on Tuesday 20th July.

Officers subsequently recovered a pirogue and boat engine.

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