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Police asked to find the Sabga Task Force Report on children’s homes

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has publicly called on the police to “take immediate steps” to find a 1997 report into children’s homes and institutions.

Dr. Rowley said yesterday the police should seek to recover the Sabga Task Force Report and the evidence of all those who were aware of what he called this frightening situation.

He wants the police to take all necessary action against those who have been implicated in or with these very shocking revelations as published.

Last Sunday, former Minister and Social Activist Verna St. Rose Greaves said nothing was done after the findings of the task force were submitted.

The Prime Minister said the national population is understandably angered by what appears to be facts where persons could have been identified as mistreating minors in their care, even committing heinous crimes against these unfortunate children.

He said such persons instead of being prosecuted to the full extent of the law have enjoyed secrecy and protection of others.

In his statement, Prime Minister Rowley said when his administration came to office in 2015, he established the Ministry of Gender and Child Affairs in the Office of the Prime Minister and operationalised the Children’s Authority, expanding its scope.

He said his government was totally unaware of the contents of a Sabga Report, which is now being serialised in the media.

The Prime Minister said his government had established a committee “to enquire into the concerns about reports of abuses and other shortcomings in this national effort of caring for these children”.

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