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Names of 4 men gunned down by Mayaro police has not yet been released

The names of the 4 men gunned down by police during a robbery in Mayaro have not yet been released.

But would-be criminals are being warned to stay away from Mayaro and surrounding areas.

Reports say the incident took place at the home of a businessman at Krista Park Housing Development, Beaumpont Road at around 9 am yesterday.

Officers responded to a robbery in the area in which the robbers tied up the businessman his wife and daughter.

It is said when the lawmen arrived they were greeted with gunfire.

It is said the officers in keeping with the “Use of Force” policy returned fire hitting the 4 men.

Officers say the men were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Assistant Superintendent of the Mayaro Police Station, Fittworm confirmed the incident and warned would be criminals to think twice before going into the area.

Mayaro police say they recovered 4 pistols at the scene.

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds yesterday applauded the work of the police. According to statistics provided by the police service, there have been 38 fatal police shootings so far this year when compared to 30 for 2021

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