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Former Finance minister says she is being encouraged to challenge PM for Political Leader of the party

Former Finance Minister Karen Nunez

Former Finance Minister Karen Nunez Teshiera says she is being encouraged by members of the ruling Peoples National Movement to challenge Dr. Keith Rowley for the position of Political Leader of the party.

Mrs. Nunez Teshiera says Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley can no longer lead.

She says she feels he has made too many errors.

Mrs. Nunez Tesheira says while she is running alone she has the backing of a silent majority within the Peoples National Movement and her hands are clean.

On The Morning Show on i95.5fm yesterday Mrs. Nunez Teshiera said she has no intention of accepting financial help from anyone.

Elections within the PNM will take place over a 3-day period in late November into December 2022.

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