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Moruga residents and motorists threaten more protest

Motorists and others in Moruga are threatening more protests over bad road conditions.

Yesterday, for a second consecutive day residents burnt tires expressing their frustration with the state of the roads.

Different parts of the main road were blocked.

In Cachipe Village homeowner Lorna Hamilton told sister station TV6; she has to move out because of the damage to her house.

MP for Moruga, Michelle Benjamin yesterday said that situation triggered the protests.

But the Ministry of Works says its mandate is to repair the road only and it has given no instructions for Ms. Hamilton to move.

The Ministry says it will carry out emergency work on the road.

Not too far away in Gran Chemin there was another fire, set by residents.

Works Minister Rohan Sinanan yesterday said 300 road projects have been carried out.

He said the problems are also linked to climate change and ageing infrastructure.

Minister Sinanan added that money is a problem as well.

This week has also seen protests in Barrackpore and Claxton Bay.

Both were about bad roads as well.

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