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MET office says dry season is officially here

Unknown-24The MET office says the dry season is oficially here.


In a release, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service officially declares the start of the 2019 dry season as the climatic patterns and changes in features are indicative of the region having transitioned to a much drier state.


The MET office says an assessment of the criteria necessary for the onset of the dry season shows that the conditions have been met and are now entrenched.


It says the strength of the trade wind inversion during December 2018 and into the new year January has resulted in a drier atmosphere with minimal cloud development.


The MET office says during the month of December 2018, evidence of impactful drying had occurred and is expected to continue into this year’s dry season.


It says there may be episodes of dry/hot spells as the dry season endures.


It says likely impacts of the 2019 dry season include an increase in surface dryness, drier than average conditions and periods of excessive heat which can increase the chances of heat stress on persons with heat sensitive ailments and heat exposed livestock, pets and other animals.


In light of the foregoing, the public is advised to conserve, store and manage water in a sustainable manner.


It is also recommending the public to refrain from burning rubbish in grassy or forested areas during the dry season.


Citizens are also advised to keep cool as much as possible and stay hydrated.


It advises relevant agencies and Ministries to take measures to mitigate the potential impacts of the current dry season.

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