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Man killed after excursion

Dainslay Ramjattan is killed overnight in Penal.

That incident occurred shortly after 9pm last night at Clarke Road.

Reports say Mr. Ramjattan was involved in an argument with another man when it turned into a physical fight.

According to reports Mr. Ramjattan, the suspect and a group of friends had just returned to the suspect’s home from an excursion last evening when an argument ensued.

Eyewitnesses told police Mr. Ramjattan left the premises and returned a short while later and began cursing and making threats against the suspect.

The suspect told investigators he confronted Mr. Ramjattan and a fight ensued.

He said during the altercation he stuck Mr. Ramjattan.

The EHS and the police were then contacted but Mr. Ramjattan died at the scene.

The suspect was taken to the Siparia Health Facility where he received medical attention and later taken to the Penal Police Station pending further enquires.

Mr. Ramjattan lived at Satnarine Trace Clarke Road, Penal.

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