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Man believed to be part of “Unruly Gang” shot by police in Chaguanas

crime-scene-murder-body-chalk-outline-web-generic-1Relatives and friends of Allan Mohammed are insisting he was not involved in any criminal gang activities.


Mr. Mohammed was shot and killed by police yesteday morning in Chaguanas.


Police say Mr. Mohammed shot at them when they intercepted his vehicle at Crown Trace Enterprise.


Officers say they responded and then rushed Mr. Mohammed to the Chaguanas Health Facility, where his relatives expressed their pain and sorry at what took place.


Relatives demanded to see his body and police had to try to quell the situation.


A woman said to be his mother said he was not a criminal or a gang member.


But police are insisting Mr. Mohammed, who was 24-years-old was a member of a central gang.


Head of the Police Central Division Superintendent Samuel Seepersad said a machine gun with live ammunition was found in Mr. Mohammed’s car.


The situation outside the Chaguanas Health Facility threatened to become confrontational.


Acting Superintendent Wayne Mystar said officers were ready to bring calm to the situation at the health facility.


The situation did cause some inconvenience at the health facility as other patients found difficulty in getting into the building.

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