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Malaysian MP says it’s ok for rapist to marry their victims

_95467354_malaysiafbA Malaysian MP has drawn outrage for saying it can be ok for rapists to marry their victims and that some 12-year-old girls were “physically and spiritually” ready to get married.


Shabudin Yahaya from the ruling Barisan Nasional Coalition says marriage could help victims “lead a better life”.


Malaysia, a Muslim-majority country, has just passed a new law on sexual offences against children.


Despite opposition efforts, the law does not ban child marriages.


It remains legal for Muslims under 16 to get married in Malaysia under certain circumstances.


Speaking during a parliamentary debate on the bill yesterday, Mr. Shabudin said although is considered a criminal offence, the rapist and the victim should both be “given a second chance to turn a new leaf”.


He said perhaps through marriage the rape victim and rapist can lead a healthier, better life. And the person who was raped will not necessarily have a bleak future.


The MP said the victim will have a husband at least, and this could serve as a remedy to growing social problems.

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