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Lusignan escapee ‘EL Sinkie’ killed in shootout with police

Clive Forde

Clive Forde

Lusignan Prison escapee Clive Forde has been killed during a shootout with police.

He was shot dead by officers yesterday.

The high-noon gun battle transformed East La Penitence, Greater Georgetown, into a war-zone with the sound of high-powered weapons and the air filled with gun-smoke.

The drama, which began with a 10-minute chase, played out a few houses away from the East La Penitence Market.

Reports say the incident sent persons in the area running for cover.

According to reports, the police received information that the wanted man was spotted walking on Laing Avenue yesterday and immediately responded.

Reports say upon seeing the officers, Mr Forde  whipped out a gun and opened fire. He reportedly then fled and a chase ensued.

Mr Forde was later cornered in a yard and the shootout continued. He was hit several times about the body and died of his wounds. A 9mm pistol was recovered next to his body.


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