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Jack Warner loses fight at Privy Council

Former Vice-President of FIFA, Austin Jack Warner

Former Vice-President of football’s world governing body FIFA, Austin ‘Jack’ Warner has lost his fight, at the Privy Council, against extradition to the United States on corruption charges.

The court in London this morning dismissed Mr. Warner’s lawyers’ contention that the extradition request was unlawful.

This paves the way for extradition proceedings in the Magistrate’s Court to resume.

Mr. Warner, who also served as CONCACAF President, was indicted in May 2015.

US prosecutors allege that from as far back as 1990, he leveraged his influence and exploited his official positions for personal gain.

Among other things, the 79-year-old former Football Administrator is accused of receiving 5 million dollars in bribes.

He is said to have sent more than 2 dozen separate wire transfers, from 10 different shell companies, to a Caribbean Football Union account he controlled – to vote for Russia to host the 2018 World Cup.

Mr. Warner was one of 14 defendants charged in connection with the 24-year scheme that prosecutors alleged were designed to “enrich themselves through the corruption of international soccer”.

In 2015, FIFA banned him from all soccer-related activities for life.

Mr. Warner responds to the ruling saying he has committed no crime.

He has instructed his attorneys to continue to press his case on the 3 remaining stages of these proceedings.

And Attorney General Reginald Amour also reacted by saying the law will take its course.

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