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Inmates at Maximum Security Prison release another video

Inmates at the Maximum Security Prison release another video as they make a case for better quarantine conditions.

The inmates say the poor conditions must be fixed, since some of them have other ailments that could prove deadly.

The latest video went viral yesterday showing 12 men reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The men also claim no food or medical attention has been made available to them.

New footage released yesterday showed what appeared to be an uprising by angry and frustrated prisoners in response to this situation.

Bins and garbage were being tossed into the corridors of the facility.

The situation was brought under control.

However General Secretary of the Prison Officers Association Lester Walcott said the situation is at boiling point.

He warned that lives are already being threatened and a national crisis may follow.

Mr. Walcott said millions were allocated to treat with the prison and to date nothing has been done.

He said the overcrowding and COVID-19 have exacerbated an already chronic problem.

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