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Imam Yasin Abu Bakr says no ultimatum or threats were made

Leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen Imam Yasin Abu Bakr

The Leader of the Jamaat al Muslimeen Imam Yasin Abu Bakr says he is not threatening anyone and denies giving the State and national security agencies an ultimatum.

He says the Jamaat is not in the mindset to threaten anyone.

During a sermon at Jumaah last Friday Imam Abu Bakr, who staged an attempted coup in the country in 1990, sent a warning to government, police, army and the coast guard.

He said too many young black men and women are being killed and are made to suffer.

He said any further injustice would be met with reprisals from Allah.

The video has gone viral on social medial with many expressing concerns.

On Saturday Acting Commissioner of Police Macdonald Jacob said the video is being reviewed by the TTPS.

But in a release last evening Mr. Abu Bakr said he only highlighted a number of issues, including what he termed as extra judicial killings of persons of African descent.

Pointing to the media, he said at no time he sought to threaten or give an ultimatum to the authorities.

He said any other interpretation was not the intention of the sermon and those seeking to bring negativity should desist from doing so.

Mr. Abu Bakr said he has worked with the government to provide aid to persons affected by the pandemic.

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