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Hundreds of commuters stranded as protest in Point Fortin continues

5bbb62805b4fa.imageHundreds of commuters in Point Fortin are left stranded for a second day as maxi and taxi drivers again protest rising fuel prices and poor road conditions.


Yesterday taxis and maxis stood still as the angry drivers refused to work.


President of the Point Fortin/San Fernando Taxi Drivers Association, John David says the drivers are again protesting today.


He says no one has contacted his association and his members continue to suffer.


Mr. David says drivers now have to pay high monthly maintenance bills because of the bad road conditions.


Mr. David says the increase in the price of super gasoline is negatively affecting drivers and commuters.


Passengers now pay $15 to go to San Fernando.


Speaking with Newscentre 5 this morning, Mr. David said the authorities are yet to contact his association.


Mr. David also accused employees of the Water And Sewage Authority of failing to pave the roadways upon completion of repair works.


He said this contributes to bad road.


Last week, a post on social media called on the motoring public to block highways and major roads yesterday in protest against the government.


However Mr. David denied any link between the protest yesterday and the call for a nationwide shutdown.


He said the association planned to protest long before the nationwide shutdown was announced.

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