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Health Minister says preparations are being made to deal with Monkey Pox cases if any occur

Health Minister Deyalsingh

With 3 CARICOM countries already confirming cases of the Monkey Pox virus, Minister of Health says preparations are being made to deal with cases, if and when they occur.

Terrence Deyalsingh says steps have been initiated.

Minister Deyalsingh says the country has the capacity to test and isolate and the knowhow when it comes to contact tracing.

Just over 70 countries have reported cases and he has issued some words of caution.

In the Caribbean – Bermuda last Friday became the latest country to confirm a case of the Monkey Pox virus.

After tests were conducted on 6 patients, St. Lucia says it remains Monkey Pox free.

The virus has been detected so far in the Bahamas, Jamaica and Barbados.

Monkey Pox was first discovered in central Africa in the 1950s.

Initial symptoms typically include a high fever, swollen lymph nodes and a blistery, chickenpox-like rash or lesions – often on the mouth or genitals in the recent cases. Infections are usually mild.

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