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Griffith: police searches in La Romain not based on race, politics or religion

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is dismissing claims that his officers are targeting and intimidating a specific ethnic group.

He assures recent searches conducted by police in the La Romain district, were for a specific purpose and not based on race, politics or religion.

Commissioner Griffith says he would reveal the reason when it is appropriate to do so.

But he also guarantees that this operation had absolutely no link or involvement to the recent arrest of anyone, nor was there any profiling.

The commissioner says the TTPS executes search warrants and arrests based on intelligence and evidence.

He says the TTPS will never be prejudicial in its actions and officers would operate responsibly and within the law.

Several mansions were searched in the gulf view area on Friday and Saturday.

Commissioner Griffith says the TTPS is duty bound to protect and serve all and will continue to do its job.

He says the searches took place whilst he was out of the country, but he has since been briefed by Acting Commissioner of Police, Harold Phillip on the operations.

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