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Galleons Passage will soon service the sea bridge says Works and Transport Minister

417uUkyUOo.jpgThe Works and Transport Minister says the Galleons Passage will soon service the sea bridge.


The vessel made its long-awaited first sea trial along the inter-island sea bridge on Saturday.


It took four-and-a-half hours from Trinidad to Tobago.


Minister Sinnanan says the galleons passage made the journey safely and without incident.


There were reports that the vessel could not dock once it arrived to Tobago, as the two ramps on the vessel were not compatible with the berthing area at the port.


But speaking with Newscentre 5 yesterday Minister Sinnanan said this is not true.


And Port Authority Chairman Lyle Alexander told Newscentre 5 on Saturday that the Galleons Passage’ first sea trial to Tobago was a smooth one.
Minister Sinanan said the Maritime division will soon say when the vessel will be cleared to service the sea bridge.


He also said the Galleon’s Passage will do another sea trial this week.

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