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8-year-old drowns at pool in Petit Valley

Drowning-2014-iconThe drowning of 8-year-old Tenille Giselle Du Bois is now engaging the attention of police.


Tenille drowned in a makeshift pool at a family gathering in petit valley over the weekend


Police reports state that unknown to her guardians, Tenille slipped back into the half-tank used as a pool at the family’s Morne Coco Road home on Saturday.


Police say the child and her relatives were playing in the pool at around 1:30 pm


However while everyone came out and went into the house to change, Tenille went back into the water.


When the adults noticed she was missing, they began frantically searching for her.


Tenille was found a short while later lying face down in the water.


West End police are continuing investigations.

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