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Epidemiologist with PAHO describes vaccination as a major contributor to immunity against COVID

An epidemiologist with the Pan American Health Organisation describes vaccines as major contributors to immunity against COVID-19.

Dr. Franka Des Vignes, a consultant with PAHO also says inoculation helps by imitating the infection and not causing the illness.

On the Eye On Dependency program on i95.5 last Sunday Dr. Des Vignes said there are many benefits to immunization.

Dr. Des Vignes also outlined historical data, which supports vaccination drives in the past.

She also confirmed there was resistance.

Further Dr. Des Vignes spoke to the Delta Variant and its debilitating effects on unvaccinated persons.

The epidemiologist revealed that there has been hundreds of SARS CO-V2 variations have been identified.

Due to the high transmissibility of the virus she urged persons to continue to practice the public health guidelines.

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