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Despite reports that he had been fired…Minister of National Security says he is still on the job

Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds

Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds is assuring he is still on the job, despite a media report and rumors that he had been fired.

In a post on his Facebook page yesterday afternoon, Mr. Hinds did not directly address the report, but he posted photos of himself in office and stated that he had been going about his job as usual, after attending a Cabinet meeting.

He said there was a solid Cabinet engagement treating as always, with the serious business of the nation’s affairs.

Mr. hinds said as always, he admired the visionary and strong leadership of his Prime Minister; as well as the ideas and proposals of his colleagues.

But Minister Hinds and the Acting Police Commissioner Macdonald Jacob have been given a failing grade by former Opposition Senator Sean Sobers.

He said government’s priorities are not in the right place.

Mr. Sobers also feels the entire government needs to go and not just the National Security Minister.

And another public official is taking a B+ grade for her performance as Comptroller of Customs.

Yasmin Marcial told a Joint Select Committee of the Parliament she and her team have been trying.

She said the results of the work being done are coming in.

She also revealed plans are in train for the setting up of an Internal Affairs Unit at Customs.

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