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Desperate Venezuelans rob cemeteries stealing valuable objects and human remains

Unknown-5The socioeconomic woes in Venezuelan are prompting its locals to take desperate measures to make ends meet.


Some Venezuelans are said to be robbing cemeteries and graves of valuable objects and even human remains for witchcraft rituals, according to a recent report from France 24.


The South Caracas General Cemetery has a bad reputation because there are a lot of robberies.


The report says when robbers can’t find any jewelry, they resort to stealing and selling human bones.


It says the bandits take the remains out of the ground.


A skull is reportedly worth something, each finger is worth a certain amount of money and a hand is worth something else.


Footage showed that robbers had also broken into mausoleums at the South Central Caracas General Cemetery where some prominent figures were laid to rest.

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