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Custom built fast ferries due to arrive 1st week in January 2021

The Atlantic Ocean is now all that separates the APT James from home. 

The first of 2 custom built fast ferries to service the inter-island sea bridge arrived in the Canary Islands at 8pm on December 25th

According to original plans, the vessel was due to make its final bunkering stop in the Cape Verde Islands. 

However in a release, the National Infrastructure Development Company explains the switch from the Cape Verde Islands to the Canary Islands was as a result of the unavailability of bunkering services during the holiday period in the Cape Verde Islands. 

Early in December the APT James was forced to make a lengthy and unplanned stop in Malta due to inclement weather in the Mediterranean Sea. 

This delay affected the schedule for the rest of its journey, which created the clash for bunkering in the Cape Verde Islands. 

NIDCO says the stop in the Canary Islands is the final stop in the vessel’s journey to Trinidad and Tobago. 

There are now 2,900 nautical miles left in its journey to this country. 

It is now due to arrive in Port of Spain in the first week of January 2021 good weather permitting.

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