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COVID infections in Tobago and county Victoria

Health officials continue to express concerns about the rate of COVID infections in Tobago and the county of Victoria.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roshan Parasram says these 2 areas continue to top the list of high COVID-19 infections.

At yesterday’s COVID-19 media briefing, Dr. Parasram listed the districts and their percentages in COVID cases.

In its latest update yesterday, the division of health said there were 8 new infections taking the active caseload in Tobago to 434.

No new deaths were recorded.

And General Manager, primary health care services, of the North Central Regional Health Authority Dr. Abdul Hamid, said persons suffering from diabetes and obesity are at greater risk of hospitalisation and death from COVID-19.

He said persons with heart disease and hypertensions are also at risk.

Dr. Hamid said at least 300,000 adults suffer with hypertension.

He said they must take the necessary precautions to avoid contracting the virus.

He said getting vaccinated is the only away to fight the virus.

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