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Extra-judicial killing in Diego Martin leads to protest

In Diego Martin a protest follows the police involved killing of Jonah ‘Kirby’ George.

Police yesterday shot and killed 21-year-old Mr. George at Covigne Road in Diego Martin.

Officers say they had to fire shots at Mr. George because their lives were in danger when he pointed a gun at them.

Residents in the area are disputing the police officers claims.

The incident which occurred at around 5:30pm, led to Mr. George’s neighbours and friends demanding justice.

One of them tearfully explained Mr. George was no criminal.

Others say it was a set up.

Officers used pepper spray to disperse some angry residents.

Fires were lit along the roadway.

Armed police went into the area to quell the demonstration.

Another resident said the police at the scene could have approached the situation differently

Police say they had information that Mr. George not only sold marijuana but also had guns and ammunition.

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