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Covert police operation in Barataria ends in the deaths of 2 alleged bandits

A vehicle sale transaction, which originated on Facebook, results in a police shootout and the deaths of 2 men.

The names of the deceased have not yet been revealed.

Unknowing to the men offering the vehicle for sale, they were the targets of a police sting operation.

The covert maneuver was aimed at apprehending suspects believed to be using social media sites to lure unsuspecting victims to locations and then robbing them.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police for the Northeastern Division Sr. Supt. Wayne Mystar described yesterday’s scene as lethal.

Police say 2 officers pretended to be interested in purchasing a car valued at $25,000.

The entire transaction, which was set up via Facebook Marketplace, saw the suspects instructing the buyers to come to 11th Street and 10th Avenue, Barataria to meet at 12noon.

The 3 suspects reportedly parked their white B13 car at the corner of 10th Street and 10th Avenue, following which 2 suspects got out and walked the block to meet the potential buyers.

It is alleged that as the 2 suspects were talking to the officers about the purchase, the suspects attempted to rob the undercover officers.

Comments have been pouring in on the TTPS’ social media pages.

Members of the public and senior police officers have praised the officers for their good work.

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