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Clinical psychologist describes burning death of 3-year-old Prince Francette as tragic and paralysing

image-3.1830563.6075449173A clinical psychologist describes the burning death of young Prince Francette as tragic and paralysing.


Immediate past president of the Trinidad and Tobago Psychologists Association Dr Katiya Khan says the child’s mother may be suffering tremendous grief and to cast blame, is part of it.


The 21-year-old mother Maria Granger believes it was not an accident.


Reports say at around 2 p.m on Friday the child crept into the car and fell asleep in the back seat while his father was working on the vehicle.


Newscentre 5 understands at some point there was a spark and flames.


The 22-year-old father Justin Francette said he tried to rescue his son but he couldn’t.


Yesterday Dr. Khan said that Mr. Francette may be overwhelmed with guilt and will need support.


The 3-year-old boy sufferd 1st degree burns about his entire body and later died at hospital.

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