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Clean up exercises continue in parts of Port of Spain following floods

Clean up of Port of Spain and surrounding areas will continue today, 2 days after heavy rains and floods.

Residents, community groups, government Ministers and several arms of the security services yesterday spent several hours cleaning up the mess, left behind.

Areas Cascade, Maraval and around Port of Spain experienced severe flooding and residents yesterday found themselves removing mud and debris.

Government officials spent most of the day visiting affected communities.

National Security Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds was among them.

Last night on TV6 Minister Hinds estimated that things should be back to normal in some of those communities affected, by noon today.

He was pleased with the collaborations, which worked in the massive cleanup exercise.

Yesterday Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez stressed that the areas of Cascade and Maraval were in a bad way.

According to the Mayor, City Corporation workers were on the streets during the curfew hours of Tuesday night, as they tried to bring relief.

And the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association finds it shameful that after over 50 years of independence flooding in the capital city causes such devastation.

Head of DOMA Gregory Aboud says Port of Spain should not be in this situation today.

Mr. Aboud tells us the association has had countless meeting with officials giving recommendations.

All of which he says have been ignored.

And Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan yesterday said no infrastructure would be have been able to withstand the volume of rain.

He explained that the work done on the river courses helped in a situation that could be have been worse.

Meanwhile Opposition Member of Parliament for St. Augustine, Khadija Ameen says the Mayor of Port of Spain should demit office.

She is asking that Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley to request the resignation of Joel Martinez after the widespread flooding in Port of Spain and environs.

Ms. Ameen also said the judgment of Mayor Martinez must be questioned now, considering his multi million dollar proposal for the transformation of the Mandela Park.

Ms. Ameen also said projects such as vending and homeless persons in the capital need to be prioritised by the Mayor.

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