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Cedros Councillor denies claims that 3 fishermen detained in Venezuela have been murdered

Cedros Councillor Shankar Teeluchksingh strongly denies claims that the three fishermen being detained in Venezuela have been murdered.


There are several photos of two mutilated male bodies now circulating on social media.


The gruesome photographs are also being unaccompanied by unconfirmed reports that the dead men, are the fishermen who were taken by officers of Venezuela’s Guardia Nacional two weeks ago.


However speaking with Newscentre 5 today Councillor Teelucksingh said the persons in the photos are not the Cedros fishermen.


The men, Omardnath Hajarie, his son Nicholas and friend Shammi Seepersad were taken on April 5th.


They were expected to be returned to Trinidad yesterday morning by the Guardia Nacional but the drop off did not materialise.


Councillor Teelucksingh said as far as he knows the men are alive and well although one of them was hospitalised.


Public Relations Officer of the TT Coast Guard, Sheron Manswell confirmed yesterday that the men were scheduled to be brought home but when the TT Coast Guard left to make the pick-up, they were informed that the Guardia Nacional could not make the delivery because they had no fuel.

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