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Calls for continued economic collaboration between US & China after high level international forum

capture_1.jpg_1718483346A high level international forum on US-China economic relations has ended in Hong Kong with calls for continued collaboration between the world’s top two economies.

US Ambassador to China Max Baucus says his country and China both need each other and are joined at the hip in terms of trade of goods, services and investment.

Mr. Baucus said on Wednesday, both countries need each other more and more as the years go by.

Since the establishment of US-China diplomat relations in 1979 economic ties has been strengthen with booming two-way trade and investments.

CEO of the Texas Association of Business, Jeff Moseley said history has proven that bilateral cooperation can create tremendous gains for both countries.

Mr. Moseley is hoping to attract even more Chinese investments to Texas in such areas as energy, agriculture, healthcare and technology.

Among the participants at the two-day forum, were business leaders, scholars and prominent politicians.

Some speakers at the forum also refuted claims that China is taking advantage of the United States.

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