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BIGWU and JTUM slam profit making Scotia Bank over plans to retrench 149 workers

The Banking Insurance and General Workers Union is not buying Scotia Bank’s reasons for sending home 149 of its employees.

BIGWU wants the bank to scrap the plan, which is to unfold in the coming weeks.

In a memo to members of staff last week, Scotia said it is closing its Collections Department which will lead to the retrenchment of all front line members of staff, including managers.

Scotia explained the decision was not an easy one but it was also part of its digital transformation, which has been driven by customer preference.

General Secretary of the BIGWU Trevor Johnson sees no valid reason for the pending retrenchment.

BIGWU has limited representation at Scotia.

However Mr. Johnson said yesterday efforts are being made to intervene on behalf of workers of the bank.

And the Joint Trade Union Movement is also condemning the bank’s retrenchment plans.

It calls the plan inhumane, noting that the bank has declared hundreds of millions in profit for the current financial

JTUM also notes that the timing could not have been worse for these workers who have served on the frontline all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It says the workers have put their lives and their families’ lives at risk to ensure that the bank continued to deliver its services to customers.

The trade union body is now calling on Scotia Bank to immediately rescind this decision to retrench workers and to meet with the workers and their representatives to explore alternative solutions to this ill-advised action.

 JTUM and BIGWU want the Minister of Labour, Stephen Mc Clashie to act now and use the full powers afforded to him under the legislative provisions to avert this impending crisis.

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