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Appeal to Ministry of Works and Transport to assist residents of Cocorite

Seascape Apartments in Cocorite

An appeal to the Ministry of Works and Transport to assist residents of Seascape Apartments in Cocorite who have been rendered homeless following a landslide.

Reports say residents of the 3-storey structure had to run out of their homes as boulders; dirt and water tanks came crashing down shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

Spokesperson for the residents Karen Phillip says it was a nightmare

She tells us some residents on the ground floor were trapped in their homes.

Ms. Phillip says the house above was split into two.

She says there are fears the structure would come crashing down at any time.

Ms. Phillip says some traumatized residents spent the night in their cars fearing the worse.

She is calling on the Ministry of Works and Transport to step in, saying the Regional Corporation cannot handle the scope of damage.

Ms. Phillip thanked fire officers from the Four Roads station whom she said responded within minutes and rescued the residents trapped in their homes.

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