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2 prison officers jailed for smuggling contraband into Bermuda’s maximum-security prison

rglogo1.gif&LogoXPos=5&LogoYPos=5&maxw=630&maxh=3502 prison officers have been jailed in the space of a week for smuggling contraband into Bermuda’s maximum-security jail in cases dating back as far as 2015.


43-year-old Art Simons was jailed for 2 years after he was convicted of taking cannabis and cannabis resin into the Westgate Correctional Facility.


The drug was hidden inside toiletries.


Mr. Simons was jailed a week after Kadeem Abraham, aged 30, was imprisoned for 9 months for attempting to take a cellular phone to a Westgate prisoner.


Reacting to the sentences, National Security Minister Wayne Caines said he was confident the vast majority of Bermuda’s prison officers had integrity and discharged their duties well.

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