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2 out of 11 detainees recaptured after they escaped IDC

ffbMUBGPxh.jpg2 of the 11 detainees who escaped the Im­mi­gra­tion Detention Center have been recaptured.


The search continues for the other 9.


Claudio Medina Flores and Charlie Perez Jose are back in custody.


It is reported the es­cape oc­curred be­tween 3pm and 5pm yesterday dur­ing air­ing time.


IDC of­fi­cers have searched the perime­ter of the IDC building, but up to last evening there was no positive result.


Most are be­lieved to be Venezuelan na­tion­als.


Police say one Grenadian is among the escapees.


Minister of National Security confirmed the recapture, while speaking with Newscenter 5 earlier.


An all points bulletin has been issued for the recapture of the detainees and the police are said to be actively searching for them.


In a release the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service named the escapees and asked members of the public to help by giving information to the nearest station.


This is the third time this year there has been such an escape.


In April, five men escaped the facility.


Pri­or to that, two de­tainees al­so es­caped in March.

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